How it all began...

The Cope was founded in the year 1906, in a small rural Community on the outskirts of Dungloe by Paddy (Pat Bán) Gallagher, who later became known worldwide as: Paddy The Cope.

Having spent time hired on farms in the Lagan valley and in Scotland, Paddy saw that there were alternative ways of living and subsidising a family's income. The local people were at the mercy of the landlords and shop keepers. Paddy used his knowledge to obtain firstly fertilizers. Paddy then moved into other varieties of goods and services, which necessitated a premises to operate from.  This led to the opening of the first shop in the town land of Cleendra and the Cope was born.

The Timeline of the Cope


January 16th 1906                            Templecrone  Co-operative Agricultural Society Ltd established in Cleendra

1907                                                       The Cope moves to Dungloe (Condy Doherty’s House)

1909                                                      The Cope moves to Old Court House

1910                                                       Maghery Branch opened/closed

1910                                                       Cope Hall built on the Quay Road Dungloe

1910                                                       The Tea-Van started

1906                                                       Maghery Cope re-opened


1911                                                       Lettermacaward Branch opened

1912                                                       The Cope moves to Upper Main Street

1912                                                       Agricultural implements stocks – Timber, hardware etc

1913                                                       The Bakery opened on the Quay Road

1914                                                       Meenbanad Cope opened (Brian Manus's)

1915                                                       Tailoring Department opened in Dungloe Branch

1918                                                       Purpose built knitting factory opened on the Quay Road

1918                                                      Annagry Cope opened in Neilin Bhriney O'Donnell's House

1919                                                       Kincasslagh Branch opened


1921                                                       Burtonport Branch opened

1921                                                       First chartered Cope Boat – SS Better Hope

1923                                                       Annagry Branch opened

1923                                                       Cope Electricity program - providing Electricity to the Dungloe


1937                                                       Eamonn deValera visits Paddy the Cope

1939                                                       My Story by Paddy the Cope was first published


1940                                                       First Cope Boat

1942                                                       Open/Closed Soapstone mining at Crohy, Maghery

1945                                                       The Fire at the Dungloe Branch

1946                                                       Soapstone mine re-opened

1947                                                       Soapstone mine collapsed

1st March 1948                                 Paddy the Cope's wife Sally, passed away


1953                                                       Last Cope Boat

1956                                                       ESB start to provide electricity to Dungloe


24th June 1966                                  Death of Paddy the Cope, aged 94 years

31st May 1969                                    Cope Supermarket opened


1971                                                       Narin Branch opened

1972                                                       Meenbanad Branch closed

1973                                                       Cope stamps introduced

1975                                                       Turnover exceeded £1 million

1975                                                       Lough Swilly depot taken-over, Menswear built

1976                                                       Cope House taken-over, Furniture built

1977                                                       Builders Providers moved to the Quay Road

1979                                                       Tea-Van stopped


1980                                                       Cope Car Park built

1983                                                       Knitting Factory closed

1984                                                       The Bakery closed

1985                                                       Turnover exceeded £5 million


1990                                                       Cope Sports opened (2nd Floor)

1994                                                       Cope Sports opened (Ground Floor)



2003                                                       Narin becomes a rental property

14th Jan 2016                                     The Cope Centenary Ball

2006                                                      Supermarket Fire

2006                                                       Maghery Branch closed

2006                                                       Burtonport Branch closed

2006                                                       Annagry becomes Spar

2007                                                       Meenmore Builders Providers opened

2007                                                       Opening of new Supermarket (Vivo) & Cope Sports

2008                                                       Unveiling of Paddy the Cope statue

2008                                                       Vivo became Eurospar

2009                                                       Lettermacaward becomes a rental property


2010                                                       Cope Stamps abolished

2011                                                       Eurospar Real Rewards Card introduced

April 2012                                            hubtec opened

Feb 2013                                              Staff become Cope Partners and receive a share

May 2013                                             Cope Cycles opened

May 2014                                             Eurospar became the Cope Foodstore

Aug 2014                                              Eurospar Real Rewards Card abolished

Sept 2014                                             Cope Digital Stamp Card introduced

Oct 2014                                               Spar Annagry & Kincasslagh become Cope Foodstore Express

May 2016                                             The Cope Foodstore and Home & Hardware open in Falcarragh

Nov 2016                                             Builders Providers receives a revamp

Jan 2017                                              Cope Cycles amalgamates with Cope Sports

Oct 2017                                               Annagry Foodstore receives a revamp