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BRITA : Fill & Enjoy Marella Cool Basic berry 2.4 l

BRITA : Fill & Enjoy Marella Cool Basic berry 2.4 l

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The BRITA Marella filter carafe is equipped with a practical filling valve and can be easily stored in the refrigerator door. All BRITA Marella filter jugs have an electronic display indicating when the cartridge needs to be replaced. They are equipped with a closing spout and have a jug and funnel which are dishwasher safe.

This fill & enjoy carafe is delivered with 1 Maxtra + filter cartridge. This innovative cartridge offers improved flavor compared to Maxtra cartridges. MicroFlow technology, based on natural coconut husks, offers better filtering power, and Micro Carbon beads absorb even more water-denaturing aromas such as chlorine and limestone, but also lead and copper .

BRITA filter jugs prevent lime build-up and extend the life of your household appliances. Thanks to them, you benefit from deliciously filtered water, more transparent tea and tastier coffees. Filtered water is also perfect for tastier cooking. BRITA is a good alternative to bottled water and helps reduce unnecessary waste. Finally, BRITA filtered water costs only a few cents per liter.