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SAMUEL & LAMONT : Linen Union Tea Towel Sheep Breeds

SAMUEL & LAMONT : Linen Union Tea Towel Sheep Breeds

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Ireland’s wool industry is nearly as well-known a symbol of the island as the harp or the shamrock. With this tea towel from Samuel Lamont, display the country’s rich tradition of herding, sheering, and weaving with a guide to the many sheep of Ireland’s rural farmers.

The herd’s all here with the Rough Fell, the Castlemilk Moorit, the Scottish Blackface, the Lincoln Longwool, the Dorset Horn, the Black Welsh Mountain, the Swaledale, and the Jacob illustrated in colorful detail.

Surrounding the sheep are brightly-colored flowers of Ireland like the daisy and bluebell, along with tools of the trade like the sheep’s bell, sheers, and that livestock staple, hay.

Combine two of Ireland’s best exports – linen and wool – in this instructive and practical tea towel.

The linen union blend is a staple of Irish milliners and is durable as well as soft.