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SAMUEL & LAMONT : Sheepish Double Oven Glove

SAMUEL & LAMONT : Sheepish Double Oven Glove

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  • For anyone who bakes regularly, Samuel Lamont’s Sheepish Double Oven Glove is a wonderful addition to your oven routine.

    With a glove for each hand connected by reinforced fabric, there’s never a need to go searching for a second oven mitt again.

    The pattern pays tribute both to Ireland’s storied tradition of wool manufacturing, as well as its long reliance on farm staples. With these vibrant sheep helping you every step of the way, the double oven glove will become a charming feature of your meal preparation.

    The sheep, illustrated by McCaw Allan, pop against a beige background in standard white, as well as red, yellow, green, and purple, in a subtle reference to the old tradition of Irish farmers painting their flocks to easily recognizing them on the hillside.

    The quilted 100% cotton fabric is super durable and adaptable to any baking needs.