The Cope Community Trust

The Cope Community Trust, is a non-profit fundraising facility, used for the sole purpose to raise funds for local community based groups, organizations, clubs, and schools through various fund raising activities.

The Cope Community Trust is testament to The Cope’s commitment to the community.

The Cope Community Trust is managed by a committee made up of staff members and community representatives. The aim of the trust is to raise funds for education, healthcare and community based clubs and projects within west Donegal.

The Committee of Trustees are bound by a Constitution; a set of rules which guide the Committee in the pursuit of their purpose.

All Cope employees are given an additional day annual leave known as ‘A Community Day’ which they are to use to raise monies for the trust. In addition to this, The Cope has committed to contributing €50,000 over the next five years to the trust.

All applications to the trust are required to complete our downloadable application form. Click here to download.