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Our expert technicians at Hubtec, Dungloe specialise in fast repairs of all kinds of phones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Don't let your broken tech keep you from enjoying its features again - trust Hubtec for reliable and efficient repairs. Repair and reuse is often a cheaper and most certainly more environmentally friendly option.


  • screen repairs
  • battery replacement
  • water damage repairs
  • charging port replacement
  • camera replacement
  • speaker replacement
  • keyboard replacement

    ... and much more. Our technicians at our store can provide you with expert advice and competitive pricing for any repair job.

    If you don't live locally, you can order and pay for a repair online and send your device to us by post. After examining and repairing your device, we'll send it back to you safely.
    For more details, contact us by phone below or email us at
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    Tehnical support

    Hubtec is the perfect choice for providing tech support and gadgets to any school or business. Our experienced technicians have already assisted numerous organizations, providing them with the tools necessary to optimize their working environment.

    We offer premium technical support for all of your electronics needs, from Chromebooks, laptops to tablets. We provide assistance with setup and network configuration, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase. Get in touch with us with confidence: we are tech experts!

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